Design 4 Pros

Why do some works of art transcend their time, place and intended content and others do not?  Do you know how da Vinci’s ‘Annunciation,’ Picasso’s ‘Guernica,’ Newman’s ‘Vir Heroicus Sublimis’ and Kelly’s ‘Orange Diagonal’ relate?

Design 4 Pros cuts through the over simplification that clouds most composition theory and demonstrates how to design your work with authority, unity and rhythm.  From the topologies of form, through geometric orchestration to the physiology of human perception you will learn the methods of the masters and why they still matter today.

This design workshop concentrates a considerable amount of content into two days and is designed for artists and art educators with experience.  Because the content is likely to be new to you, you may elect to space the two days out to give you time to digest the information and develop questions.  This workshop also includes detailed notes on the content along with design tools for future use.

Schedule:   Schedule this workshop
Duration:    Two Day
Fee:            $650 All materials included.

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